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Notice of the China Taoist Association on Soliciting Works for the 16th Sermon and Copying Scriptures of the Taoist Doctrine.

In order to actively explore and practice the path of the sinicization of Taoism, carry forward the good atmosphere of the Taoist community's in-depth study of scriptures and study of classics, and achieve the purpose of purifying beliefs and correcting the Taoist style, the China Taoist Association has successively held fifteen Sermon on the Taoist Doctrine activities, and since the fourth session, the环节 of copying scriptures has been added. Copying scriptures is an important way for Taoist clergy, Taoist believers and lovers of Taoist culture to study the classics. Through copying scriptures, the understanding and perception of the classics can be deepened. The 16th Sermon on the Taoist Doctrine activity is planned to be held in the second half of 2024, and a calligraphy exhibition of copied scriptures will continue to be held at that time. Now the notice on soliciting copied scripture works is released as follows: I. Copying the Classic The copied classic for the 16th Sermon on the Taoist Doctrine is the chapter of "Tao Te Ching". The copying of scriptures this time is based on the collated version of the relevant chapters released by our association (see the appendix for details). The copier selects one chapter to copy, without misspelled words, additions or deletions, and the copied scripture works do not add punctuation. II. Requirements for Copying 1. The copied scripture works are copied with a writing brush and rice paper; 2. The font for copying scriptures is regular script in traditional Chinese characters, and the paper size is one foot to three feet of the whole uncut rice paper. The format and color of the paper for copying scriptures are not limited; 3. Before copying scriptures, hands should be washed, incense burned, mind calmed and spirit concentrated. III. Requirements for Mailing the Works The copied scripture works can be mailed uniformly through local Taoist associations and Taoist temples, or can also be mailed by oneself to the China Taoist Association (one copy per person is limited). Mailing address: Room 114, Department of Religious Affairs, China Taoist Association, No. 9-1, Baiyun Guan Street, Xibianmenwai, Xicheng District, Beijing (Collection of Copied Scripture Works), Contact number: 010-63949650. The copied scripture works must be attached with a resume of the author, the content mainly includes: ID name, Taoist name (provided by Taoist priests), the Taoist temple or association where they are located (provided by Taoist priests), personal identity (Taoist priest or believer), age, gender, mailing address, contact number, etc. IV. Evaluation of Works The deadline for the collection of works is May 31, 2024. The ownership and use right of the copied scripture works all belong to the China Taoist Association, and no manuscripts will be returned. The China Taoist Association will determine the selected works from all the collected works, and on this basis, the ranking will be evaluated preferentially. All the selected works will be exhibited in the calligraphy exhibition of copied scriptures of the 16th Sermon on the Taoist Doctrine, and will be displayed and released on the WeChat public account of the China Taoist Association (zhongguodaoxie) after the activity ends.
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