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The Anhui Provincial Calligraphers Association and the Government of Guoyang County, Anhui Province invited calligraphers from all over the country to write the "Tao Te Ching."

On May 7, a reporter from Da Wan News learned from the Government of Guoyang County that the Anhui Provincial Calligraphers Association and the Government of Guoyang County jointly held the first "Daoyuan Cup" National Calligraphy Contest. Calligraphers were invited to focus on the theme of "Hometown of Laozi, Daoyuan Guoyang", and use traditional calligraphy and seal engraving art forms to write the content of Taoist culture mainly based on the "Tao Te Ching", as well as healthy and upward ancient poems, ci, qu, fu, couplets and other genres to promote the ideal realm of the Taoist culture's pursuit of "being one with the Tao", and actively build the sense of happiness and satisfaction in human society.
It is known that this event is jointly sponsored by the Anhui Provincial Calligraphers Association and the Government of Guoyang County, and undertaken by the Bozhou Calligraphers Association, the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of Guoyang County, the Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Guoyang County and other units. It has begun to collect entries nationwide, and the deadline for submission is July 15.
The sponsoring unit will select about 170 exhibited works from the submitted works, among which there are 26 award-winning works. The sponsoring unit will present two volumes of the "First 'Daoyuan Cup' National Calligraphy Contest Works Collection" to the award-winning and exhibited authors and issue honor certificates. If the authors from Anhui win awards or are exhibited, it will be regarded as a qualification condition for joining the provincial calligraphers association once. For details, please log in to the official account of the Anhui Provincial Calligraphers Association.
Guoyang County is a provincial-level historical and cultural city. It used to be the "thoroughfare of Liang, Song, Wu and Chu, and the way of Qi, Lu, Bian and Luo". The great thinker, philosopher and founder of the Taoist school, Laozi, was born here. Taoist cultural celebrities such as Yin Xi, Fan Li, Huang Shigong, Zhang Liang, Ji Kang and Chen Tuan, who shine like stars, have successively traveled in Guoyang and left many Taoist historical and cultural relics.
The relevant person in charge of the organizer said: The purpose of holding this event is to actively practice the core socialist values, strengthen cultural confidence, focus on exploring the rich connotations of Taoist thought, inject strong spiritual impetus for creating a regional cultural brand and comprehensively building a beautiful Guoyang; at the same time, it provides learning and exchange opportunities for the calligraphy circle in Anhui and the vast number of calligraphy lovers, allows the aesthetics and spirit of calligraphy culture to be fully displayed, and further promotes the prosperity and development of calligraphy art.