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"Global Charity Event: Blessing and Chaodu for Children Affected by War"

Lighting the Beacon of Hope, Bringing Peace and Rest to Innocent Children

Dear Friends,

Amidst the smoke and flames of war, sometimes we can only grasp its cruelty through the news. We do not know the acrid smell of gunpowder on the battlefield, the shockwaves of bomb blasts, or the stains of loved ones' blood on our clothes. We have never trembled under the barrel of a gun, nor understood how hunger slowly devours life. Yet, these are the nightmares children in war zones face daily. They carry with them grievances, confusion, and fear, driven from their homes by the merciless hand of war, or worse, taken from this world, leaving behind solitary figures and indelible memories of pain. As you read this article, these children in conflict zones endure unimaginable suffering and despair—their cries, their despair, a silent plea across scorched earth, calling out for our attention, our action.

Therefore, we cordially invite you to join's Taoist public prayer event: "Blessing and Requiem for Children Affected by War," streamed live. Your participation will become an enduring beacon in their lives.

Registration Deadline: June 19, 2024, 12:00 PM (Beijing Time)
Live Stream Platform:

Purpose of the Event:

1. Blessing the Living Children:
In this sacred Taoist ceremony, we will collectively pray for the safety and happiness of children still struggling to survive in conflict zones. Your prayer, your blessing, may be the light a child sees in the darkness. May they rediscover lost smiles and hope amidst the turmoil of war, and may their future be free from fear and tears.

2. Requiem for the Departed Children:
Through solemn Taoist rituals, we will perform requiem rites for innocent children who perished in war. They were once the apple of their mothers' eyes, the joy of their fathers' hearts. Yet their lives were taken by the heartless war. May their souls find peace and rest, sleeping eternally in peace. Let us together light candles in our hearts for them, illuminating their path to heaven.

3. Global Connection, Collective Blessings:
We call upon friends from around the world to light candles in their hearts via the live stream, uniting in prayer and blessings. Every act of kindness converges into a powerful force, reaching these suffering children. Wherever you are, your care and love transcend time and space, warming the hearts of children in hardship.

How to Participate:

1. Click to visit the world's largest official Taoist community website:, for the latest updates and live stream links.

2. Click the live stream link and join the live broadcast during the event time to participate in the Taoist ritual with us.

3. Invite family and friends to join, amplifying our collective strength with more goodwill.

4. Share your blessings in real-time comments; we will convey these blessings to the children.

Focus and Support:

Your attention and support are not just participation in this Taoist ritual event, but also a beacon of hope for these children's future. Each participant's heartfelt intentions will be a ray of sunshine in these children's hearts. Let us act together to make the world a better and more peaceful place.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us through the following channels:
- 🌐 Official Taoist community website:
- 📧 Email Address:
- 📱 WhatsApp: +852 4607 1962

We look forward to your participation! Let us join hands and hearts to send the sincerest blessings and hope to children affected by war. Your compassion will warm this wounded land. Let us illuminate the future of these innocent lives by lighting the candles of love on this special night.
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